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December 18, 2015
The Montblanc Worldsecond

In the field of international marketing, all efforts combine to nurture, strengthen and develop the unique Montblanc brand identity and personality. Hence, the International Marketing department is responsible for strategic brand management, global brand positioning and maintenance of an integrated brand image across the various distribution channels and the media.

To this end, the International Marketing department defines, develops and implements marketing objectives and concepts. It provides guidance for the marketing organisations of foreign subsidiaries, monitors the brand image portrayed by licensees, and defines the key strategic and conceptual elements of all internal and external brand and product training.

International Marketing encompasses the following specialist areas: International Communications, International PR, Digital Media and Communications, Boutique & Retail Design, License Business and International Training/Montblanc Academy. There are links in the first instance to Creative Management, Category Management and to distribution, and externally to the marketing managers and national companies.

Montblanc Signature International Tour (Hong Kong)
Montblanc Signature International Tour (Hong Kong)
Commercial Montblanc International - FEMME INDIVIDUELLE
Commercial Montblanc International - FEMME INDIVIDUELLE
Montblanc International: Spektakuläre Produktweltpremiere
Montblanc International: Spektakuläre Produktweltpremiere ...
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