Chalet Chantel Chamonix

October 2, 2016
Chalet Chantel
.. Jorvick Viking Centre, the York Minister, walked around the York Wall and had dinner in the Guy Fawkes Pub (it was the old home where GF was born). Now we are Friday and went to the National Railway Museum and onto my Cousin Victoria's Home for the evening. What a great great evening. It's now Saturday and we went onto Aunty Chris and Neville's home for the rest of our stay. We went to a talk that Neville gave to a Church Group ...

One of the most difficult issues moving to another country is re-establishing the kitchen. We were lucky to pre-arrange our furnished apartment well before we left NZ, so it had the rudimentaries of kitchen ware when we arrived. A decent shopping expedition to Ikea in Geneva resolved most of the remaining implements issues, and real cooking soon commenced in earnestAnyone who saw our kitchen in Auckland will know that a lot of thought and effort ...

... an impressive operation in Passy, dedicated to offering the very best in produce and fine food, while quietly separating you from your Euro. The fruit and vegetables are continually misted, to enhance their freshness and appearance, with such variety of goods that defies belief. The artisan area of preserves and confectionary is hard to walk past without slipping something into your basket. It is a statement to the art of modern food retailing, yet somehow ...

... from the car and walking up just a few steps. Some small children fared worse than we, and were sitting on the ground, clearly not feeling well. After awhile we adjusted and looked out over the French Alps from several viewing decks before riding a lift/elevator the final couple hundred meters to the peak. The Alpine peaks were pretty pointy as compared to North American mountains. The views were spectacular, the weather ...

... I can provide my new bank with some tax details.
“Sure Paul, I’ll need to get a few details to verify your identity and start the registration……8.01.30 am: “Well that’s all done Paul, anything else I can help you with?
Choice!Yeap, very slick, quick, friendly and efficient. Yet somehow I'm beginning to think the French approach actually has much more panache.

LUSH Mountain Accommodations presents Creekside Chalet at
LUSH Mountain Accommodations presents Creekside Chalet at ...
Discover Your Luxury Chalet ~ Alps Accommodation
Discover Your Luxury Chalet ~ Alps Accommodation
Chalet Accommodation at Elephant Walk Restaurant
Chalet Accommodation at Elephant Walk Restaurant
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