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August 29, 2017
Geneva Airport Travel Guide

At Geneva Airport (GVA), there is a comprehensive selection of car hire companies in both the Swiss and French sectors. You may rent a car from the top companies at discounted prices through Holiday Autos.

The Swiss sector is served by:

In the French sector, there are:

More about car rental options in both the Swiss and French sectors, with best access routes, and locations of nearby fuel stations! Always try to reserve a rental car before arrival at the airport. Reservation at the airport is possible, but usually much more expensive.

Car rental on the Swiss side of Geneva Airport (GVA)

If you intend to drive on the Swiss autoroute, it is better to rent a car from the Swiss sector of Geneva Airport, as the vignette will be supplied by the rental company as standard and will be applied to the vehicle windscreen. In winter, all car hire companies in the Swiss sector provide snow-tyres as standard. Car rental desks are located at the west-end of the terminal building, arrivals level. Pick-up and drop-off is on the ground floor of the multi-level car park P51, which is located 400m from the terminal. There is a shuttle bus with departures every 10 mins, and a countdown timer displaying the duration until the next departure. If it's not raining and your bag has wheels, it's an easy walk.

Car hire on the French side of Geneva Airport (GVA)

On the French sector of GVA, car hire may be less expensive. The Swiss autoroute vignette is not supplied as standard. There is a small chance that the vehicle may have a vignette applied by a previous renter, but never rely on this. More info on driving from Geneva Airport to Chamonix page.
In France, it is compulsory to have a breathalyser kit in your car. Check with the car hire company to see if this is included in the fee. In winter, snow-tyres are probably included as standard but do not rely on this and always inquire to confirm. Snow-tyres may be a supplementary charge.

It is possible to hire a car on the French side of the GVA even if you arrive in the International sector. After collecting your baggage, go up to the Departures level, turn right to the east-end of the terminal and follow the "destination France" signs. Go through customs, next to the Air France (KLM) desk into the car hire area.

If you have hired a car in advance, be prepared to show your hire contract to the French customs officer to justify passage into France.

Pick-up and drop-off is located in parking P21, which is inside the airport perimeter and immediately outside the car hire hall. Surprisingly convenient and frequently with a base price low cost option. But when compared with the all-inclusive packages offered on the Swiss side, there may be no actual saving.

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