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February 13, 2016
Massage in Chamonix

Looking for a massage in Chamonix?

After a long day skiing, walking, or sat in the office your muscles can pick up aches and niggles. These pressure points or trigger points build up in certain areas of the muscles dependant upon your genetics and the activities you are doing.

The truth is we often learn to live with an achy calf, a heavy thigh or an uncomfortable back. Its only when we get a great massage from a professional who knows how to reset these trigger points and put your body back into its natural released position, that we realise how the body should feel!

A great massage will flush out toxins, reduce stress and remove tension, leaving your body and mind refreshed relaxed and ready to go again!

Our professional massage therapists offer lots of different types of massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Also known as a sports massage, a deep tissue massage will rejuvenate physical strains you have picked up. Our therapist will use myofascial release techniques to break down problematic scar tissue which will allow your muscles fibres to heal effectively.

Deep tissue massages are also recommended as a maintenance massage for those with a physical lifestyle as it will help reset any niggles you are picking up which may result in problems further down the line. This will ensure your muscle performance is optimum and you can concentrate on being your best!

Our deep tissue massages are deeper than other massages. Our massage therapist can asses your muscles and apply deep tissue techniques where necessary along with a lighter Swedish massage style on muscles that are less in need of a deep focus. Because a deep tissue massage goes so deep into the muscles, its important that you drink lots of water afterwards to help flush out the toxins our therapist has removed from the muscles.

Swedish Massage

There is nothing quite like a refreshing, rejuvenating Swedish massage. Not as deep as a sports massage, a Swedish massage, also known as a spa massage is the most relaxing massage imaginable. We recommend this rejuvenating massage for those who maybe are just feeling a little run down and fatigued. After the therapeutic massage you will find yourself totally relaxed, you may even fall asleep during the massage!

Foot and Leg Massage

Our foot and leg massage concentrates on the often problematic muscles of the lower body. Aches can build up in the calves, hamstrings, hips and thigh muscles. Our massage therapist will asses the muscles as they massage and choose the relevant pressure and technique help restore the holistic balance of the muscles.

Head and Neck Massage

Also known as an Indian head massage, this massage will address aches and pains in your upper back and neck which can lead to tension headaches, stress headaches, pressure headaches and sinus pressure. Our masseuse will asses the tension in the various muscles and work to ease them, leaving you feeling fresher, calmer and with a clearer head.

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