Chamonix, rental

September 14, 2016
Goretex jacket

Goretex jacket

Goretex shell jacket

Goretex trousers

Waterproof over trousers

Ski touring ski boots

Ski touring boots

Ski helmet

Ski in total security

Avalanche safety pack

Goretex trousers An avalanche safety pack including a transceiver(not rented with batteries), a shovel and probe

Avalanche transceiver

An avalanche transceiver that is very simple to use for your off piste and mountain adventures

Avalanche shovel

A compact shovel which is easy to use

Avalanche probe

Avalanche probe ultra quick to put together in case of an emergency

Mont-Blanc Pack

The Mont Blanc Pack contains alpinisme shoes, crampons, a harness, ice axe and helmet.

Basic Mountain Pack

Ski touring ski boots A mountaineering package including rigid hiking boots, crampons and an ice axe

Alpine hiking boots

These rigid alpine boots are ideal for the most technical ascents both in summer and winter.ns.


Ultra versatile Crampons for glacier hiking and mountaineering.

Ice axe

Designed for glacier trekking and easy routes.

Mountaineering helmet

A comfortable helmet, resistant and adjustable, the Half Dome is designed for practicing all types of...


The Black Diamond MOMENTUM DS harness combines perfectly the level of breathability, comfort and wear...

Avalanche safety pack Avalanche transceiver Avalanche shovel Avalanche probe
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