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August 20, 2015
This region has the highest

Located 50km from Clermont-Ferrand, Puy de Sancy is the highest mountain in the Massif Central. The mountain towers over the ski resort of Super-Besse and the spa town of Mont-Dore. Featured image: Puy de Sancy by Romary (französische Wikipedia) [GPL via Wikimedia Commons]

The Grand Ballon is the highest summit in the Vosges and is situated between the valleys of the Thur and the Lauch in Alsace. Featured image: Grand-Ballon © French Moments

Crêt de la Neige is the highest mountain of the Jura Mountains and oversees the Pays de Gex and Lake Geneva. Featured image: View from Crêt de la Neige © KlausFoehl – licence [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

From Nice to Menton, the most mountainous stretch of the French Riviera offers dramatic coastal views which can be discovered by car through three scenic roads: the Grande Corniche, the Moyenne Corniche and the Corniche Inférieure. Featured image: Èze by Jimi Magic (Public Domain)

The mountain passes played a great part in the Alps‘ history, from the Roman era to the Middle-Ages and from the Napoleonic Wars to the heroic Resistance during World War 2. Featured image: © French Moments

Walking underneath dramatic glaciers and snow-capped peaks, strolling in the picture perfect old towns and villages, tasting the delicious mountain cheese while relaxing on the shores of alpine lakes, the French Alps have much to offer to its visitors. Although crowded in winter, this part of France is often bypassed by English-speaking tourists in summer

A few mountain passes in the Alps offer a breathtaking panorama and Col des Aravis in the province of Savoie is one of them. Climbing from the resort of La Clusaz, the arrival to the pass is greeted by an amazing view of Mont-Blanc clearly emerging from surrounding mountains. Find out more about the province of

Mont-Blanc is Western Europe’s highest mountain at an altitude of 4.810 m (15, 781 ft) above sea-level. Located on the French-Italian border, its breathtaking peaks and glaciers overlook the lively resort town of Chamonix and the Arve Valley. The summit of Mont-Blanc is a snow dome where temperatures rarely rise above 0 °C (32 °F). Considered

The Chauvet cave in southern France has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in June 2014. Located just a short way from the stunning natural stone bridge of the Pont d’Arc in the Ardèche region, the cave contains exceptional prehistoric drawings on the cave walls, as well as prints of human hands and carved

The Gorges of the Fier are a spectacular natural wonder on the doorstep of Annecy. Situated at the foot of the medieval castle of Montrottier, the deep, narrow gorges are one of the oldest tourist sites of the Alps. Since 1869 a suspended footbridge, perched above the stream, has been erected to enable visitors to

Semnoz is a mountain situated in the French Alps and the real green lungs of the city of Annecy. It is a favourite outing for the people of Annecy for its spectacular views over the Alps from its summit. Featured image: View of Mont-Blanc from the summit of the Semnoz mountain © French Moments Visit

On Monday 31st March we went on a ‘tour du lac’ by car. We departed from Annecy and drove on the east shore through Veyrier, Menthon and Talloires before reaching the city through the west shore with the visit of Duingt, Saint-Jorioz and Sévrier. Featured image: Duingt viewed from Talloires © French Moments

For the next two weeks we will be based in Annecy, France. The charming touristic town is located between Geneva and Chambéry in the French Alps and is famous for its pristine lake. Featured image: © French Moments

The Alps are home to an impressive floral pool with more than 1, 200 different varieties of plants found in the Vanoise massif only. One of the most colourful images you may have of the French Alps in summer is of high pastures thick with Alpine flowers. Here is a selection of flowers we photographed during one

One of the main features of the Pyrenees is that they form a natural border between France and Spain. There is a French proverb saying: “Vérité en deçà des Pyrénées. Erreur au-delà” (Truth from this side of the Pyrenees, error on the other side). It is a proverb from Blaise Pascal, a famous French philosopher

Nepal Mountain Bike - Himalayan High
Nepal Mountain Bike - Himalayan High
MONT BLANC and SKIING red piste @ Morzine France
MONT BLANC and SKIING red piste @ Morzine France
Chatel: Mountain Style 2012 - Cam Zink Slo-mo
Chatel: Mountain Style 2012 - Cam Zink Slo-mo
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